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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My First Blog!

First my disclaimer: Prostitution is illegal in most of the United States, so what you are about to read, may or may not be fact or fiction. That is up to the readers to decide for themselves.

I've been working in prostitution for over ten years now. I started in the sex trade when I was just 17 working as a dancer (stripper) and quit until I was 26. Then I was a phone sex operator briefly and finally a call girl for an Escort Service. Throughout my career in the Sex for Sale industry I've been a stripper, done phone sex, been a prostitute and a pimp; "Madame" for those of you in polite company.

I was mostly out of the business but recent events have rendered me unemployed again and I have to raise fundage for my latest endevour. I have fallen in love! Which sounds great, doesn't it? Here's the catch: he's in Egypt. So in order for me to get him over here, we have to marry. I know, I know, my House Mate (HM) has been warning me over and over that I should approach the situation with caution. All I know is that he's everything I've ever wanted and I think he feels the same way about me. How many times in this short life are we ever in love with the right person at the right time.

So I'm off again! Out to do as many clients as possible to raise a couple thousand dollars in a month. I had my first new client in years last Sunday morning...

..."R" asked if I minded meeting him at work. No problem, I thought. Then I realized he works at my son's old elementary school! Hmmmmm, a tad awkward, maybe. But off I trudge first thing in the morning before the sun has even come up. I pulled behind the school to see the local church leader putting a sign on the back door to mark the way for congregants to gain passage to the school auditorium where the church meets. So much for separation of Church and State. I slip into my heels and click my way around the sidewalk to the front of the building.

"R" was waiting at the door. He eyed me without too much smarmy yuck crossing his face. Not bad. Younger than me, thick around the middle, but clean and polite. He lead me through the gym to where they store the mats. Jeez. Original...

We kissed and got started. I was a little disappointed in the size department, but not terribly worried about it. Poor guy huffed and puffed and puffed and huffed until I faked my little house getting blown in! Then we were done. Nice guy, really. Later he e-mailed me to ask if I'd see him outside of "work". Poor baby.

I've gotten a couple of other calls since then, but I'm reluctant to go. Truthfully, I hate to go. Most of the guys are very nice, but a few are jerks and a couple are down right dangerous. Every time I go I risk going to jail. Being a single mom of one mentally disabled teen son, that is a chance I'd rather not take.

But I need this money. My fiancee can help with bills and then I can work a straight job. But for now, it's the only way I can see to raise this capital.

As for documenting this all in a blog, who knows why I'm doing it! I think it will help keep me sane. Maybe I'll cry a little less. My HM says that most prostitutes don't really enjoy what they do, but it's a conscious and informed decision. I'll tell myself that and try to pretend like this is fun and who knows, maybe it will work!

Oops, gotta take this call, it's a regular client that wants me to pretend to be his Mommy...


  • At 8:29 PM, Blogger Al Sensu said…

    Welcome to the sexblogosphere. Best wishes for your endeavor. A shame that you have to be so secretive about it, but that's the society we live in.

  • At 12:51 PM, Blogger marcus said…

    i enjoy what i do.

    maybe it's your perspective?

    i mean, don't you enjoy sex? and getting to know people?

    if you don't have at least these two qualities, then you're right- maybe this is wrong for you.

    check out my blog if you like.

    also - a good "advice" site for johns is

    best of luck, darlin'

  • At 5:12 PM, Blogger Authentic Woman said…

    Writing is a really good way to help you figure yourself out.

    I am looking forward to reading your blog.

    Wish you the very best in your developing relationship with yourself and the guy from Eygpt.

    By the way the what work are you thinking of doing?


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